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If you'd like to volunteer with Turtle Lake Refuge, consider joining us on a Monday or Thursday when we harvest and deliver our microgreens. You can call us ( 970.247.8395 ) in advance any day of the week or just drop by and start volunteering. The entrance is through the alley at 848 E. 3rd Ave in Durango, Colorado. We also may have volunteer opportunities at the farm by Turtle Lake. In addition, there may also be volunteer and seasonal job opportunities with Bee Happy Lands.  We invite you to come by and introduce yourself - you never know where we might need some help as our needs continue to evolve.

Here's a basic idea of when we can use volunteers at our downtown location:

Monday: 9am to 4pm (harvesting and packaging microgreens)
Tuesday: 9am to 4pm (getting cafe ready for our Turtle Cafe lunch)
Wednesday: call ahead to see if we need help that day (making wild food recipes and helping plant microgreens)
Thursday: 9am to 4pm (harvesting and packaging microgreens)
Friday: 9am to 4pm (getting cafe ready for our Turtle Cafe lunch)
Saturday: 10am to 3pm (helping make kombucha and wild food treats, washing microgreen trays, etc) 

Seasonally on Saturdays: May through October - Farmer's Market Booth - 6am to 2pm

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