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What microgreens do you grow?

Sunflower greens, radish greens, buckwheat lettuce, pea shoots & wheatgrass

What kind of packaging do you use?

For the 3oz bags, we use Minigrip Greenline Biodegradable bags

Do you have trays of wheatgrass available?

Yes, trays of wheatgrass are available for the community for $15, plus a refundable deposit for the plastic tray itself

Can I find your microgreens at a local business? 

We provide our microgreens to three stores and many local restaurants in town including: Durango Natural Foods, Nature’s Oasis, and The James Ranch Market. The restaurants include: The Oar House, Sage, Primi, Eolus, El Moro's, Bread,  Steamworks, The Roost, Durango Bagel, James Ranch Grill, Taste, Durango Coffee Roasters and Raider Ridge Cafe. We also have been supplying the public school lunch bars of Durango since 2005.


Where do you get the trays you use?

We order trays online from Bootstrap Farmer, and we also have bought perma-nest trays (the green ones)

When can I come pick-up microgreens?

You are welcome to come during normal business hours Monday to Friday. Feel free to visit us downtown and pick out what you'd like. It's probably best to call in advance to make sure we have what you want.​

Our microgreens are also available at places like Durango Natural Foods and Nature's Oasis.

When do you do deliveries to local businesses?

Generally Monday and Thursday afternoons.

If you're interested in having microgreens delivered, it's best to place a standing order for delivery once or twice a week. We are also available for on-call orders. Please call 970.247.8395 to place an order.

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