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work-study internship

We offer a self-designed work study internship that is a great way to participate in our daily activities and learn about the projects we are involved in. Volunteering on lunch days includes a lunch, planting and harvesting microgreens includes taking home some microgreens, and volunteering at the farm may include some vegetables or wild plants to enjoy..  

If you're interested in our work study internship, please give us a call or send us an email. Please let us know you're interested and specific areas that you want to learn about and we can coordinate a schedule and the activities that most cater to your desires.

There are opportunities to participate both at Turtle Lake Refuge Cafe downtown, at our farm, and with Bee Happy Lands projects. During the growing season, we usually have weekly work parties on the farm. Please call or email to find out the specific details. Sometimes there is availability for a farm-stay otherwise you will need to find your own place to stay. 

What kind of projects can I work on?

  • creating living wild food recipes

  • harvesting local and wild foods

  • harvesting and planting microgreens

  • processing wild foods into products and treats

  • practicing permaculture techniques at the farm

  • participating in the weekly wild food CSA

  • helping with the farmers market booths

  • working with organic land stewardship projects with Bee Happy Lands

  • solar dehydrating wild plants and processing them into food and medicine

  • making wild fruit and green smoothies with the bike blenders, and wheatgrass juice on the bike juicer

  • education outreach with students of all ages

  • a host of other daily projects such as upkeep & organization, cleaning help is always great!

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