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turtle_logo_transparent-square-small.pngMission Statement

Our mission is to celebrate the connection between

personal health and wild lands.

 We promote sustainable practices honoring wild wisdom of nature and the health of the community. Examples of our work include growing, harvesting and preparing local, wild and living food through our Turtle Cafe open for lunch every Tuesday and Friday, educating about the great values of the wild edible and medicinal abundance available in our area, providing local microgreens and wild food products for the public schools, restaurants and stores and providing organic land stewardship throughout the Southwest through the project, Bee Happy Lands.

Current Events

We offer our gratitude to all the generosity over the years that makes us who we are. We have been gifted by so much generous volunteer service from our community. Because of this amazing support, we are able to continue to serve our community so well! We are so appreciative of all the generous efforts of so many people who have dedicated their time, their knowledge and their life force towards the health of body, community and earth. We are grateful

Thank you for participating in creating health for ourselves, our community and the planet! 


Turtle Cafe Lunch Days~ every Tuesday and Friday from 11:11am - 2:22pm year round!

Our cafe is in the back patio at 848 East 3rd Ave. in Durango.  Dine inside our greenhouse on cold days to enjoy the fresh oxygen from our growing microgreens or enjoy the sunshine out on the patio summer and winter.

We can deliver lunches! Please give us a call at 970-247-8395. 



Local Wild Living Soil Program 2023

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants * Permaculture * Holistic Health * Nutrition

~ Fall Program - September 19th -October 26th, 2023                       

         ~ 88 Hour Program                                             

         ~ Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm

         ~ Two Overnight Field Trips 

          ~ Investment of $888 for all classes 

          ~ Drop In Fee $33 for classes and $222 for field trips

~ Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/local-wild-living-soil-spring-program-tickets-523986948067

Or email turtlelakerefuge@yahoo.com for questions. 

Class Schedule

 September 19th (Meet at 848 East 3rd Ave.)

             Introductions, Wild Edible Abundance, Harvesting Wild Weeds, Green Juice

 September 20th (Meet at Turtle Lake Community Farm, 53 Misty Lane) 

           Permaculture and Farm Tour:  Local and Wild Foods on the Farm, Mushroom Remediation, Food Forests, Market Garden 

 September 21st (Meet at Colorado Trail parking area)

           Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants with Katrina Blair

September 26th (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)

            Water and Chi with Cristina San Pedro

 September 27th (Meet at Turtle Lake Community Farm, 53 Misty Lane) 

           Plant Spirit Medicine with Lenore Anderson

 September 28th (Meet at Turtle Café, 848 East 3rd Ave)

           Enzymes, Sprouting Basics, Planting Microgreens with Katrina Blair

Overnight field trip to the Silver Star Hut in La Plata Canyon September 30th - October 1st 

October 3rd (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)    

            Back to Basics with Pat Blair

 October 4th (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)    

         Wild and Living Food Recipes    

October 5th (Meet at Turtle Lake Community Farm at 53 Misty Lane) 

             Wild Body Care Product Recipes with Katrina Blair

October 10th (Meet at Turtle Lake Community Farm at 53 Misty Lane) 

            Mushrooms with Michael Haas

October 11th (Meet at Turtle Lake Community Farm at 53 Misty Lane) 

            Bees, Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Candle making with Katrina Blair 

October 12th (Meet at 848 East 3rd Ave.) 

            Wild and Living Food Recipes with Karen Tracey

October 17th (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)                       

           Field Trip with Katrina Blair

October 18th (Meet at Community Farm, 53 Misty Lane)

              Ethnobotany with Gabe Crawford 

October 19th (Meet at Community Farm, 53 Misty Lane)

             Fermentation with Jon Paasch 

Overnight field trip to the Dreamcave in McElmo Canyon - October 21-22

October 24th (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)

                 Soil Nutrient Cycling with Bevan Williams

October 25th (Meet at Community Farm, 53 Misty Lane)

                Solar Dehydrators, Earth Ovens and Wild Seed Bread with Katrina Blair

October 26th (Meet at Turtle Cafe, 848 East 3rd Ave)

            Final Celebration and Student Presentations!


For questions, please contact Katrina at turtlelakerefuge@yahoo.com or call 970-317-0988.

Katrina Blair's speaking events, classes and walkabouts will be updated as they are booked.  Please email us turtlelakerefuge@yahoo.com at if you would like her to come to your area for a slide show, a wild food feast, a plant walk or multi-day wild food walkabout. 
Tickets to our upcoming events, when available, can be purchased on our EventBrite: http://turtlelakerefuge.eventbrite.com



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