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Edible Creations


Where can I purchase your edible creations?

Many of our products are available at Nature's Oasis and Durango Natural Foods. We provide our microgreens to many local restaurants in town including: Carver's, Mahogany Grill at the Strater Hotel, Eolus, El Moro's, Durango Bagel, Raider Ridge Cafe, Grassburger, and the Cyprus Cafe as well as the public school lunch bars of Durango.  You may also visit us downtown at 848 E. 3rd Ave. and pick out what you'd like. If you don't live near Durango, you're welcome to place a custom order that we can mail to you. You can order online, or let us know what products you would like by email or phone, and we can package them up for you. You maybe submit your donation online.

What products do you make?

View the slideshow below to a view a slideshow of the products we have available or go to our Flickr page directly.

Where can I learn to make my own raw and living food goodies?

We have many recipes available online. Also, we have a recipe book available called "Local Wild Life" written by Katrina Blair which is available to order online here. This book is also available at our downtown location and at Maria's Bookshop in Durango, Colorado.

In addition, we offer classes at various times throughout the year to teach people how to prepare delicious living foods. Check our calendar for upcoming classes and events. There are also videos online of Katrina preparing wild foods on Vimeo. You are also welcome to come volunteer and learn that way!